Workshop Leader Topic - Borrow Well

Borrow Well

Help parents and youth understand credit and credit scores
as well as how to avoid credit problems.

Workshop Leader Topic - Borrow Well

Workshop 2 - Borrow Well

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Help participants discover more about credit scores and credit reports.

Workshop 1 - Borrow Well

Parent Topic - Borrow Well

Borrow Well

When we use credit well—borrowing money and paying it back on time—we can get a higher credit score.

When You Use Credit Well and Responsibly

  • You can earn a higher credit score.
  • Adults with higher credit scores are more likely to get more

Tip - Borrow Well - Tip 3

Tip 3

How do you want to use credit well as an adult?

Tip - Borrow Well - Tip 2

Tip 2

What do you know about credit scores? Credit reports?