Money Topics

Give Well

When we give thoughtfully, we help causes that
the entire family cares about.

Why Giving Matters

  1. You help others.
  2. You become more thankful for what you have.
  3. Some people, animals or organizations couldn’t make it without people giving.
  4. When you give and serve, you’re more likely to succeed in life.

Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations are a type of nonprofit that works for the common good
or for a specific cause.

Examples of Charitable Organizations

  1. Food pantry
  2. Homeless shelter
  3. Church, mosque, synagogue
  4. Environmental group

Different Ways to Give

  1. Give money.
  2. Donate belongings.
  3. Volunteer your time.

Make Giving Part of Your Budget

Giving can be a budget category, just like housing. Each time money comes in,
set aside some to give to charity.

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