Money Topics

Save Well

When we save well, we are more likely to reach our financial goals like taking a vacation or buying a house.

Four Tips to Saving Money

  1. Save. Pay yourself first whenever you get money.
  2. Spend less.
  3. Buy things in bulk at a cheaper cost.
  4. Only buy what you need, not what you want.

Advantages to Saving

  • You have money to buy something special.
  • You can reach a dream or a goal.
  • You have money for an emergency.

Developing a Savings Plan

  • Know what you owe.
  • Set a savings goal.
  • Include savings in your budget—or make sure you save some money every time it comes in.
  • Have a safe place to keep your money.
  • Make sure your plan is working.

Examples of a Savings Goal

  • Car
  • College
  • Vacation
  • Home

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